FAQ / Frequent Asked Questions

1.- How much does an eventoDivertido session cost?
It all depends on the total amount of hours and days you want the event to last, as well as the location where the event will take place. Please ask for a quote. 

2.- What are the prerequisites or conditions needed to hire your eventoDivertido  services?
You will just need a 4-6 squared meter (20 square feet) stand and an electric outlet (1000 watts would be enough). The ideal location would be a wall or a corner with no walking areas behind. This is just to avoid any possible interruptions while your guests are getting their pictures taken. Our advice is to place a large screen or artwork-sign at the back of the eventoDivertido stand with your company or sponsoring organization logos.

3.- How long does it take to set up and take down your stand?
We show up 30-45 minutes ahead of the scheduled start-time. This will allow us to set up our stand and run a few preliminary tests. After the event, it will only take us 15-20 minutes to take down the stand.

4.- How many motion pictures per hour can you take?
It all depends on the type of event we are working, the number of attendees, if the pictures are taken individually or in group, etc. As an average, we run up to 80 motion pictures per hour.


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