The advantages

1.- During the event, with eventoDivertido, 100% Satisfaction and Amusement Guaranteed!!
2.- Personalizad Motion Pictures: we can personalize and customize the live pictures taken of the event attendees with the sponsor’s slogan, messages and logos.  We can “virtually transport” the attendees to other places, completely different from where the pictures were taken; mountain sights, Caribbean beaches, the Moon surface, Las Vegas, the bottom of the ocean, etc. This is done through our automatic green-screen technology which is used in Hollywood.
3.- Unforgettable mementos: eventoDivertido is a promotional tool that everyone will remember with a high investment return rate. Attendees and customers will always keep the pictures with them which makes eventoDivertido a highly durable promotional tool throughout the years. The logo, slogan and promotional images of the sponsoring company will always be present on their customers´ minds. 
4.- The eventoDivertido system is very simple: it allows you, as the sponsor, an immediate delivery on site of the customized motion pictures. It causes a very fun and unforgettable impact on the attendees, on your customers.  eventoDivertido is ideal for all sorts of events, conventions, business events and luncheons, corporate parties, disco-club and cocktail parties, promotional events, weddings, trade-shows, bachelor parties, etc.
5.- eventoDivertido generates high traffic levels among the event attendees. It is a unique attraction; while we are printing the pictures for your guests, your company or your organization can sell or offer its products to the attendees who are waiting for their motion pictures.
6- We generate data bases:
•    We can assign a code for every picture taken so the participants can receive their pictures through their cell phones and e-mail addresses.
•    Through the data collected at the event (name, last name, e-mail, cell phone number, etc.) or through the sponsors´ websites, it is possible to generate a lot of primary marketing data of the attendees. This data base is very useful for keeping the attendees (your guests) informed about other events, parties, promotions, etc.
•    Moreover, the generated personal codes can also be used to draw prizes at all kinds of contests.

Hire us today! You will not regret it!!


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