What we do?

At eventoDivertido, our main objective is to help people remember good times in the most visual way possible. We entertain at events with a very special, unique and fun approach. The attendees will always remember the event, your event.

We take 3D pictures and motion pictures; changing the visual angle of the two compounded images we take, you get a motion visual effect. After that, in less than a minute, the attendees get that memento or souvenir right there, on the spot.  We can also include the logo and a slogan or message of the event sponsors.

It is fun and it is ideal for all kinds of events, such as: regular parties, disco-club parties, weddings, anniversaries, family events, college reunions, conventions, company events and celebrations, company/product presentations, trade shows (we generate high traffic of attendees at your stand), etc.

Just try it! With eventoDivertido, it is easy to organize any fun and entertaining event. Carrying with us all the necessary technical equipment, we get to the location where the event takes place. In a few minutes we are ready to START TAKING PICTURES ON THE SPOT of all the attendees. We will also bring funny glasses, hats, fake moustaches, masks, etc….to make the motion pictures even funnier.  We can also provide you with a CD where you will find all the pictures taken during the event, so you can show them to the attendees.

eventoDivertido, fun events, unforgettable events…

Hire us today! You will not regret it!!


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